US 12/24/36 Pcs Mixed Carbon Arrow 28/30 Inches Spine 500 Diameter 7.8 mm for Compound/Recurve Bow and Arrow Archery Shooting

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6/12/24/36 Pcs Spine 500 Mixed Carbon Arrow 28/30 Inches Diameter 7.8 mm Replaceable Arrowhead for Compound/Recurve Bow Archery



Shaft length: appox. 28/30inches
Outer diameter:7.8mm
Material: Carbon
Features: aluminum seat convertible with a variety of inch thread arrow
Weight: 36 g each
Quantity: 6/12/24/36 PCS
Focus on bow and arrow movement, well designed
Carbon fiber arrows to ensure that the arrows are rugged
Can be exchanged for arrows, safe and convenient
Safety measures:
Please do not use damaged arrows.
Damaged arrows will spread and hurt you.
Check that the arrows are intact and that they do not bend in the tightened state.
Before each archery, check the arrow shaft and the arrowhead .
Slightly curved arrows, visually check for bending or collision, or other types of marks that are damaged.
Use the appropriate target.
Storage advice:
Avoid extreme moisture and heat when stored.


The feather is plastic,in the course of transport, there may be wrinkles, bending. If you in such cases,sorry for the matter. But dear , it is very easy to solve the problem , Please prepare some hot water , and then the the fletch in it , after 3 minutes , you will get a good fletch.Hope i can help you,any probelm,please contact me in the first. 



If you want arrow tip , nock suit for this arrow , please click the picture , you can buy it together .