Strong Magnet Fishing Powerful Magnetic Search Magnet Aimant Puissant Neodymium Magnets Salvage Fishing Hook Magnets Tool

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Warning: Do not let the magnets jump together or on a metal surface, special attention should always be taken when handling. - The magnetic force is concentrated on the bottom surface. The other three sides have no magnetic force. - Strong magnets should keep away from Ironware and some easily magnetized iron products, such as monitors, bank cards, computers, televisions, mobile phones and other.
1、Product information:The magnetic suction cup is made of sintered NdFeB,Iron parts are fixed with plastic rings.Form a magnetic circuit,Output powerful magnetic force。The suction cup has a simple structure.Installation,Easy to use,The size of the suction cup can be determined according to the bearing capacity of the bearing.The product is small in size.Strong magnetism(It is more than ten times the magnetic force of ordinary magnets.)No degaussing at room temperature,Strong corrosion resistance and other characteristics,Widely used in industry and life,Such as workshop,Factory,Warehouse,Office, etc.
2、Suction condition:Its suction is determined by the built-in magnet and the external iron shell structure.。It also depends on the material on the adsorbed surface.Thickness,Flatness and friction。
3、surface treatment:The surface is usually treated as nano,Baking varnish,Nickel plating,Galvanized,Chrome plating, etc.



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