NEW Professional Recurve Bow 30-50 lbs Powerful Hunting Archery Bow Arrow Outdoor Hunting Shooting Outdoor sports

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Draw Weight: 30-45 lbs 

Take Down Design - Easily Carried Out

Great for both archery and hunting shooting

Right Handed

What's in the Box?

Riser * 1

Limb *2

Sight x 1

Brush Arrow Rest x 1

String * 1

Spanner * 1 set

Paper target * 1


Designed for long time use. Perform well in both indoor archery and outdoor hunting.
Take down design makes it easily to be shipped or carried for outdoor sports or hunting.

we will take down it . if you did not know how to assemble it , you can contact me , we will help you. We also provide video teaching you how to finish the assembly
When you play around with our bows, please follow every rule you have learned of archery:
Check bow and accessories carefully before shooting.
Find a safe place before shooting, don't aim anything except the arrow target. 
And the most important:
Arrows  are not included.If you need them please contact with me,Thanks

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