MAKITA's PB7660.4-Blower backpack gasoline 4 T

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Manufacturer reference: PB7660.4

Special Features

  • Blower knapsack with engine 4-stroke fulfilling with standards environmen unloading force.
  • Ideal for use PROFESSIONAL.
  • Wholesale Air's volume.
  • Anti-Ice Function, prevent from possible congelaciones carburetor, engineering hot air toward the same.
  • 4 shockmounts mounted between the engine and the backpack that reduce the vibration on back user even during working long hours for reduce stress and fatigue.
  • Protected against downloads electric static thanks to the distance from isolation between the GRIP and the spray nozzle blowing.
  • Dog leads and quilted backpack.
  • Designed for a best ventilation, enabling the evaporation sweat providing more user comfort.

Features techniques

  • R. P. m 7.200 Rpm
  • Dimensions. LxAnxAl 332X460x480mm
  • Suction Function No
  • Speed free air 90 m/sec
  • Volume's air high 1.200 m³/min
  • Displacement 75,6 C. c
  • Power 3.0/4,1 KW/HP
  • Motor 4 T
  • Fuel tank 1,9 L
  • Volume's air 1.200 m³/H
  • Weight 10.8Kg
  • Pump priming

Accessories optional

  • Helmet with visor 988000012
  • Protectors ears Helmet 988000030