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Manufacturer reference: VC3012L

Special Features

  • Replaces model vacuum cleaner 446LX.
  • Plastic Bucket with broad back wheelies. Freno in the wheels front.
  • Tray for accessories positioned in the side back aspirator for an easy storage shoes accessories.
  • Valid for aspire both liquids as solids (non flammable neither explosives).
  • The filter washable pet protect turbine retaining the finer dust well debris.
  • The filter cleaners system Push & Clean: tapamos with hand palm the hose suction and pulsamos the BUTTON 3 times, the air circulation is inverted wiping well the filter.
  • Features a new air flow sensor, beeps when this be reduced by living the filter clogged, full tANK, etc.
  • Teleconexionado: can connect the tool al vacuum cleaner (up to 2.400 W). Plugs when ponemos running machine.
  • Float de Safety: detects the mop bucket full when aspire liquids, cutting the stream water to prevent the login into the motor.
  • Potentiometer for varied power sucking.