MAKITA VC2012L-Vacuum Cleaner 1.000 W 20L

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Manufacturer reference: VC2012L

Special Features

  • Design design more attractive than the previous model (VC2010L). Incorporates multiple tabs for store the accessories. Further boasts a mop bucket for depositing personal tools or equipment.
  • We Can connect the flexible tube to the exhaust vents (housed in the side back) for it into a vacuum cleaner. Ideal to clean the complicated tools or places suck.
  • Maximum power Aumentamos connectable length 2.600 W.
  • Stainless steel Tank 20L.
  • Automatic Mode (teleconexionado): The tools can be connected al vacuum cleaner (up to 2.600 W). This shape when accionamos the switch the tool, the vacuum cleaner begins to suck.
  • Filtering type class "L": special Filtering for dirt with values OEL> 1 mg/m3 and a degree maximum permeability a 1%. (Dirt as mortar, dust from brick, chalk, ceramics, Gips...).
  • Cleaners “Push & Clean” system: covering with hand palm the hose suction and pressing the BUTTON 3 times, the sheeting the filter will wipe the dust accumulated.


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Features Techniques

  • Power 1.000 W
  • Power Max. Connectable 2.600 W
  • Volume's Air 60 L/sec
  • Depression Max. 210 mbar
  • Volume tank 20 L
  • Capacity MAX. Liquid 12 L
  • Lase filtering L
  • Weight 8,5Kg
  • Dimensions. LxAnxAl 395x390X505mm
  • Cleaners Push & Clean system
  • Teleconexionado
  • Sound pressure 72,0 dB (A)

Equipo basic

  • Mouthpiece for grooves, foot suction for dry and liquid, Mouthpiece for textiles.
  • Filtro PET P-70219
  • Messenger bag plastics P-70297
  • Foot suction P-70465
  • Stock Exchange's felt P-72899
  • Curved Tube P-72908
  • Straight Tube 36x505mm P-72942 (2x)
  • Flexible Tube 32x3.5 m P-81739
  • Adapter P-81745 connection
  • Mouthpiece collect scraps W14295
  • NOZZLE GROOVES VC3511 W29541