MAKITA UK360DZ-Motoazada grower to 36v battery single machine cut width 35-22.5 cm

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Manufacturer reference: UK360DZ

Special Features

  • Large capacity working thanks to the chance colocarle the two batteries together.
  • Design Design very light and handy. It is the perfect choice for the particular It is.
  • Thanks to its operation with battery the ratio noise level is very bass and has no emission gases.
  • It is perfect for the jobs in communities from neighbors and areas R It is idencial It is wherein the ratio noise can be MOL It is to.
  • It is compatible with battery BL3626 But bearing in tally to be used the loader DC36WA.
  • You can place the two batteries from 36 V simultaneously working capacity increase height.
  • Compatible with the convertors BCV01 and BCV02.


Features Techniques

  • Tension Battery 36 V
  • Battery type Lithium-ion
  • R. P. m motor 4.100 Rpm
  • R. P. m Axis's teeth 85 Rpm
  • Cutting width 35/22,5 cm
  • The teeth Diameter 245mm
  • Weight 23,3Kg
  • Dimensions. LxAnxAl 1.193x488X998mm

Accessories optional

  • Chargeur 36 V Lithium-ion DC36RA 194863-5
  • Battery lithium's 36 V 2.6Ah 194873-2
  • Battery lithium's 36 V 2.2Ah 195410-5
  • Chargeur 36 V Lithium-ion DC36WA 195471-5
  • 'S top converter BCV01 batteries 195511-9