MAKITA UD2500-Biotrituradora 2.500 W

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Manufacturer reference: UD2500

Special Features

  • Ligero and modern design that combines a powerful engine for a perfect crushed.
  • To branches length 45mm diameter.
  • System automatic anti-lock and switch change sense from the cutter blades.
  • Handle Grips on both sides, allow a subject firm and a convenient transportation.
  • Wide rubber wheels that facilitate your trans by you by the garden.
  • Tank bottom 67L with visor for a single visibility when the tank is full.
  • Sturdy metal structure.
  • Panel knob easy acces.
  • Luces conexionado indicator.
  • Red: When the machine is plugged into the network But put out.
  • Green: When the machine is lighted.
  • Green flashing: When the machine is blocked.
  • Red flashing: When the machine can't recover automatically. Must withdraw the jam manually. (desenchufando machine).
  • Low ratio noise level and no emission gases, ideal for communities from neighbors, residences…