MAKITA ST113DZ-Stapler 10,8 V

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Manufacturer reference: ST113DZ

Special Features

  • Compact Stapler a battery.
  • Design Design compact and reduced with hilt antiskid for a comfortable GRIP.
  • With can be used with Lithium batteries. Ion BL1016, BL1021B and BL1041B.
  • Trigger bloqueante to prevent possible shooting paper fastener accidental.
  • Easy acces al loader loaded from Staples.
  • Allows's staples 10mm with length from 7mm to 10mm and a capacity loaded 150 staples in your compartment.
  • Features a window into the loader for watch Reserve Staples left before it was completed.
  • LED light for jobs Low luminescence. The lamp will light while have tight the trigger switch. The lamp will shut about 10 seconds after liberarlo.
  • Tool protected with the XPT system, extreme protection Paw to work in conditions more adversas protecting the machine from dust and water.
  • Used batteries Lithium's designed with CXT, Compact Xtreme Tecnology, making these more small and lightweight.