MAKITA SG1251J-Roadheader 125mm

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Manufacturer reference: SG1251J

Posted trigger more comfortable
Special Features:

  • Same model that SG1250 But with trigger in the hilt.
  • This change trigger is made for comply with the normative European unloading force Safety.
  • ASA ergonómica with chance colocarla in different positions.
  • Clutch Safety Super Joint System that avoids pulls into the locks accidental disks.
  • Cutting depth Adjustable así as the cutting width, even getting a cajeado máximo de 30x30mm.
  • Diseñada Aluminum housing for permitr an easy change the discs, simply loosening a vise destapamos the Case and accedemos the discs.
  • Toma de aspiración intergrated into the máquina for connecting to a vacuum cleaner and performing jobs más clean.
  • Electrónica constant, the máquina no low revs when we work in loaded.
  • Arranque soft that avoids pulls in the snatch and protección overload to protect the motor.

Features Techniques:

  • Power:1.400 W
  • R. P. m:10.000 rpm
  • Outer diameter (max.):125mm
  • Inner diameter disc:22,23mm
  • Maximum capacity:30mm
  • Maximum cutting depth:0-0mm
  • Maximum cutting width: 6-30mm
  • Insert:M14
  • Weight:4,5 kg
  • Length cable:5,0 m
  • Dimensions LxAnxAl:350x151x178mm
  • Emitting vibration:5,00 m/sec ^ 2
  • Uncertainty (K) Vibration:1,5 m/sec ^ 2
  • Sound pressure:97,0 dB (A)
  • Sound power:108,0 dB (A)
  • Uncertainty (K) sound:3,0 dB (A)



Basic manual:


Equipo basic:
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Allen wrench 6mm 783204-6
Briefcase MakPac 395x295x315 821552-6
Diamond Disc Comet Enduro B-12734 (2x)