MAKITA PJ7000-Engalletadora 701 W 1100 RPM 2.5 KG 200mm slot width 4mm-Makita cut- ref:

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Manufacturer reference: PJ7000

Special Features

  • Compatible with all the biscuits flat wooden commercial.
  • Tool light thanks to its base and Case manufactured in aluminum.
  • Body more slim, high handiness.
  • Handle top with flat shape in the lateral surface for an excellent control from the tool.
  • Quick adjust for varying depths from milling, 6 different positions through a vise micrometer adjustment.
  • Easy and accurate Adjustment the depth.
  • Adjustable and lockable in any position Angle between 0 ° and 90 ° with pre-setting to 0 °, 45 ° and 90 °
  • Posibility cutter slotting in any position.
  • Connectable to a vacuum cleaner outside, the spray nozzle can be rotated agreement with direction desired for expulsion dust.
  • Button's blockade the axis, for an easy change the disk. Easy acces al axis disco dropping so only a vise.
  • Guide Angulo, is recommended for miter gauge (ple by, a 45 °) among the different thickness material; can go up and down with zipper, pinion House mechanism.
  • Posted briefcase carrying, fully equipped, for place ALL the accessories.



Features Techniques

  • Power 701 W
  • R. P. m 11.000 Rpm
  • Disc diameter 100mm
  • Max Depth. Cutting 20mm
  • Disc diameter 100mm
  • Max Depth. Cutting 20mm
  • Slot width 4mm
  • Weight 2,5Kg
  • Length cable 4,0 m
  • Dimensions. LxAnxAl 302x139x145mm
  • Connectable to a vacuum cleaner If
  • Axis Lock Yes

Equipo Basic

  • Guide angle 123149-0
  • Stock Exchange's dust 123150-5
  • Briefcase PVC 821509-7
  • Wrench ring pin 782401-1
  • Disc HM100mm B-20644

Accessories optional

  • Placa de fit 415579-2
  • Cracker GR10 P-08844
  • Cracker GR20 P-08850
  • HM 110mm disc P-13605