MAKITA LD080P-Laser Meter distance 80 m Laser II IP54 20 Memoirs 3 lines in Screen

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Manufacturer reference: LD080P

Special Features

  • Posted design
  • Laser Meter petty and compact. Very convenient carry and very easy to use.
  • Simple calculation areas, volumes, sums and restas's measurements, and calculating measures indirect.
  • Chance to work with tripod stand.
  • Ray visible laser class 2 IEC60825-1 that guarantee the protection from the eyes using Highlights Ural.
  • Posibility performing measurements permanents, getting well values maximums and minimums.
  • Protection this medidore IP54 laser, which protects Dust and water projected.
  • Medidore ideal for measurements interiors, pudiendo also perform those measurements in outdoor.
  • Be supplied with a practical cover that protects Al Meter, A ribbon for the doll and the Battery for its operation.

Features Techniques

  • Range 80 m
  • Medición± tolerance 2.0mm
  • Laser type 635 nm
  • Class láserII (<1 MW)
  • Protection class IP54
  • Number measurements by Game of Battery 3.000
  • Number memoirs 5
  • Number 3 lines in the Screen
  • Weight 0.10Kg
  • Dimensions. LxAnxAl 116x45x29mm
  • Light in the display If
  • Timer If
  • Thread for tripod stand If
  • Storage stock constant If
  • Automatic Detection if

Equipo Basic

  • Protective Case pouch. Wrist strap. 2 AAA batteries.