MAKITA EW3051H-Motor Pump 1000L/min 4 T

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Manufacturer reference: EW3051H

Special Features

  • Pumps for water transfers from dirty waters:Fit for floods, water transfers large flow rates.
  • Filtro de paper and urethane sponge:2 stages first by a sponge washable air filter spring and later by the filter paper.
  • Sump oil level sensor(Level Bass's shut down engine oil).
  • OHC:Family trees from Cam in good header and distribution by chain.

Instruction Manual
Technical Specification

  • Motor EX17
  • Displacement 169 C. c
  • Max. water volume 1000 L/min
  • Height Max. From sucking 8,0 m
  • Total height lift 23,0 m
  • Insert 3"
  • Fuel tank 3,2 L
  • Weight 26,1Kg
  • Dimensions. LxAnxAl 527x368x417mm

Equipo basic

  • Wrench ring de bougie, filter for suction hose, 2 push-in fitting is-hose, 2 clamps-push-in fitting hose & 2 boards.