MAKITA EK7651HX1-Cutter a gasoline 350mm 75.6 C. C with Diamond Disc

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Manufacturer reference: EK7651HX1

Special Features

  • First a petrol manual cutter in the world with engine 4-stroke.
  • The fuel consumption is lower than in the cutters from gasoline 2-stroke's.
  • It reduces the ratio noise level and also thanks the engine 4-stroke gas emissions.
  • Low vibration thanks al system two bodies, we use silentblocks reducing vibrations that arrive Operario.
  • Arranque easy thanks al descompresor automatic and the priming pump for feeding the Circuit de gasoline.
  • The trigger is placed automatically in the position from medium gas for facilitating the starter.
  • The bass level ratio noise that develop the's MM4 Motors 4 stroke allow utilizarlos reducing the nuisance produced by the ratio noise both user as to those who are all around.
  • The patented de lubrication system allows the use this cutter in different positions.
  • This engine 4-stroke has shown the superiority over the 2-stroke engine in the fuel consumption during the realization work.


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Features Techniques

  • Displacement 75,6 C. c
  • Power 3.0/4.2 KW/HP
  • Motor 4 T
  • R. P. m 4.300 Rpm
  • Outer Diameter 350mm disc
  • Inner diameter disc 20/25, 4mm
  • Maximum cutting depth 116mm
  • Fuel tank 1,1 L
  • Oil tank 0,22 L
  • Weight 12,9Kg
  • Dimensions. LxAnxAl 780x310x455mm
  • Way valve descompresora
  • Anti-vibration
  • Ignition Electronics
  • Pump priming
  • Vibration in rear hilt/DCHA. 1,80 m/seg²
  • Vibration in front hilt/izq. 2,70 m/seg²
  • Uncertainty (K) vibration 2,0-2,0 m/seg²
  • Sound pressure 92,70 dB (A)
  • Sound power 104,60 dB (A)
  • Uncertainty (K) sound 2,5-2,5 dB (A)

Equipo basic

  • Kit water for EK7651 195534-7
  • 4 stroke's Oil SL10W-30 195816-7
  • Diamond Disc B-13465

Accessories optional

  • Et de air filters for EK7651H195599-9
  • 4 stroke's Oil SL10W-30 195816-7
  • Trolley DT4000 guide 394369610