MAKITA EG5550A-generador 5.5 KVA

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Manufacturer reference: EG5550A

High efficiency thanks to the motors OHV and Al AVR system
Special Features:

  • Great reliability and durability the motors OHV (válvulas in good header), ya that lower vibración and consumption.
  • AVR System that regulates the voltage automáticamente.
  • LED indicator for knowing if the generator está producing energía.
  • Oil sensor integrated: the generator stops automáticamente when the oil level drops by than recommended.
  • Strength meter's stream and voltage.
  • Very easy maintain.
  • Depósito de gasoline from huge capacity.
  • Arranque fácil using shooter.

Features Techniques:

  • Motor:190F
  • Power max:5.500 W
  • Power Rating:5.000 W
  • Fuel tank:25,0 L
  • AC Output:230/50 V/Hz
  • Continuous stream Output:12/8, 3/V/A
  • Weight:98,5Kg
  • Dimensions L X An x Al:680X550x500mm
  • Unit gauge oil level