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Manufacturer reference: DVC260ZX

Special Features

  • Posted backpack vacuum cleaner with brushless powered by 2 batteries from 18 V.
  • High capacity working thanks to the efficient energy brushless motors BL.
  • Controller TOTE for ops de lit and slaking, selection high or low power and light.
  • Fitted with HEPA filter, very effective in very fine dust collection.
  • Suction Tube telescopic for adjust the long type working to perform.
  • Flexible Tube ideal for suck up in places difficult acces as corners or ladders.
  • Very comfortable backpack use thanks to its format, reducing the user fatigue.
  • Capacity bag up 2 Litre, very single changing.Supplied with paper bag.
  • Flexible Tube DIA 28mm.
  • Harness for ajustarlo around his waist and avoid grief in the user by a bad fit.