MAKITA DHR242Z-breaker hammer light 18 V lithium-ion diamater spade bit max 24mm BL motor without brushes single Machine

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Manufacturer reference: DHR242Z

Special Features

  • Compatible with the batteries 4.0 Ah.
  • BL Motor without brushes
  • Capacity upto 24mm. The energy that produces the BL motor without brushes is more efficient, increases the productivity the hammer.
  • Three modes working, Wood & Metal drill, drill + percussion for stone, mixed concrete and percussion for small weighing.
  • Posibility colocarle the new adapters suction DX01 and DX02.
  • Clutch Safety that protect motor hitches accidental de la spade bit.
  • The battery is separate from the machine's thanks to a system elastomers, evitamos who arrive vibration to the battery.
  • You can place the manifolds from HR2300 dust from the range and HR2611FT (195173-3 and 195180- 6).



Features Techniques

  • Tension Battery 18 V
  • Weight with battery BL1840 3,3Kg
  • Battery Type Li-ion
  • Motor BL-motor
  • R. P. M 0-950 Rpm
  • Knocking by minute 0-4.700 GPM
  • Capacity MAX. In mixed concrete 4-24mm
  • Capacity ideal drilling (mixed concrete) 4-14mm
  • Capacity MAX in metal 13mm
  • Capacity MAX. In Wood 27mm
  • Positions prefijadas chiselled's 40 positions
  • Weight with battery BL1830 3,3Kg
  • Dimensions. LxAnxAl 328x85x213mm
  • Protection overload If
  • Protection against downloads deep If
  • Speed variable (switch) If
  • Clutch Safety If
  • Freno electrics If
  • Lighting intergrated If
  • Handle antiskid If
  • Insert SDS-PLUS If

Equipo current basic

  • Buffer depth 324219-0

Accessories optional

  • Briefcase PVC 141401-4
  • Battery lithium-ion 18 V 3.0Ah BL1830 193533-3
  • Quick chargeur LXT 18 V Lithium-ion DC18RC 195584-2
  • Dust Collector DX01 195898-9
  • Lithium Battery-ion 18 V 4.0Ah BL1840 196399-0