MAKITA DGA504Z-Mini-grinder to 18v battery lithium-ion 125mm BL single machine

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Manufacturer reference: DGA504Z

Automatic Control the speed. No NI battery pack loader neither basic outfit
Special Features:

  • Miniamoladora de 18 V Lithium-Ion Battery with motor BL no brushes, best performance than the previous model (DGA452).
  • Equipped with automatic speed control. Changing the speed cutting work depending which performs:
  • Work Light: Mode high revs.
  • Work Is picky: mode torque high.
  • The energy that produces the BL motor without brushes is more efficient, reducimos friction, the engine warmup and aumentamos the lasting Battery.
  • Anti-restart System that avoids the start up accidental from the tool, avoids NDO well possible accidents.
  • Arranque soft that avoids pulls in the snatch.
  • Indicator state the loaded in 3 stages; 3 lights (plus 50% loaded), 2 lights (between 50 and 20% loaded) and 1 light (less than 20%).
  • Protection circuit Battery that protect from damage by overload, temperature or sobredescarga.
  • Technology XPT that protects the tool in the jobs from outside.
  • Suction filters placed in intakes suction for Prevent the dirt in the tool.

Features Techniques:

  • Tension the battery:18 V
  • Battery Type:Lithium-ion battery
  • R. p.m.:8.500 rpm



Basic manual:


Equipo basic:
Disc protector with fast closing 125mm 123145-8
Wrench ring pin 782423-1
Desbarbe 125mm x 6.0mm disc A-80874
Accessories optional:
Lithium Battery-ion 18 V 3.0Ah BL1830 193533-3
Chargeur MakStar 18 V Lithium-ion Car DC18SE 194622-7
Quick chargeur LXT 18 V Lithium-ion DC18RC 195584-2
Lithium Battery-ion 18 V 1.5Ah BL1815N 196235-0
Lithium Battery-ion 18 V 4.0Ah BL1840 196399-0
Dust Collector for Grinders 125mm 196845-3
Multicargador port 4 DC18SF 196426-3