MAKITA DDF481Z-Driver drill 18 V lithium-ion pair strength 123nm single machine

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Manufacturer reference: DDF481Z

Special Features

  • The energy from the BL motors without brushes is more efficient, reducimos drag and engine warmup increasing well the lasting Battery.
  • Compatible with new lithium batteries from 4.0Ah. Maximum capacity loaded, most working capacity.
  • Chuck self locking, a single action that facilitates the change the accessories.
  • Two velocities noises and variable speed in the trigger for a greater accuracy in the inception the drilling and bolted.
  • 21 positions torque tightening. 10Nm hasta in position 21.
  • Handle more long, allows a GRIP more firmly in the jobs that requieran a high torque tightening.
  • LED high brightness perfect for spaces visibility reduced.
  • Indicator loaded Battery for knowing the state the same in foremost moment.


Features Techniques

  • Tension Battery 18 V
  • Battery Type Li-ion
  • Motor brushes
  • R. P. m high 0-2.100 Rpm
  • R. P. m low 0-550 Rpm
  • Pair Max. Tightening's tough board 115 Nm
  • Pair Max. Tightening's softback board 60 Nm
  • Capacity MAX. In metal 13mm
  • Capacity MAX. In Wood 76mm
  • Weight with battery BL1840 2,7Kg
  • Weight with battery BL1830 2,7Kg
  • Dimensions. LxAnxAl 205x79x266mm
  • Positions torque tightening 21
  • Speed mechanical 2
  • Speed variable (switch) If
  • Axis Lock Yes
  • Freno electrics If
  • Lighting intergrated If
  • Handle antiskid If
  • Automatic Chuck If

Accessories optional

  • Battery lithium-ion 18 V 3.0Ah BL1830 193533-3
  • Quick chargeur LXT 18 V Lithium-ion DC18RC 195584-2
  • Lithium Battery-ion 18 V 4.0Ah BL1840 196399-0