MAKITA DCO180Z-Milling cutter 6.35mm to 18v battery lithium-ion single machine

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Manufacturer reference: DCO180Z
Ideal for tabiquería dry. Not include ni battery pack loader.
Special Features:

  • Ideal for jobs in ple tabiquería dry as by performing cajeados electric.
  • Same performance than a milling machine with cable.
  • Very light, only 1.4Kg.
  • Compatible with the dust collector from the 3706.
  • Protection Battery facing surges. Before a overload the battery automatically disconnects to prevent that can meet reach produce damage.
  • Anti-Restart System. If quitamos the battery with switch activated the machine crashes. So when Let's go back to place the battery machine no arrancará de improvisto pudiendo occasion some harm.
  • With soft starter for avoiding pulls in the snatch.
  • Quick adjust the depth with single loosen a wing nut.
  • Change the brushes from outside.
  • Compatible with the batteries from 1,5Ah, 3,0Ah, 4,0Ah and 5,0Ah

Features Techniques:

  • Tension Battery:18 V
  • R. p.m.:30.000 rpm
  • Collet Diameter:3,18-6,35mm
  • Max cutting Depth:7,5-31,5mm
  • Weight with battery BL1840:1,6Kg
  • Weight with battery BL1830:1,6Kg
  • Weight with battery BL1815N:1,4Kg
  • Dimensions L X An x Al:309x77x118mm
  • Connectable to a vacuum cleaner





Equipo basic:
Strawberry for tabiquería dry x 2
Accessories optional:
Lithium Battery-ion 18 V 3.0 Ah BL1830:193533-3
Quick chargeur LXT 18 V Lithium-ion DC18RC:195584-2
Lithium Battery-ion 18 V 1.5 Ah BL1815N:196235-0
Lithium Battery-ion 18 V 4.0 Ah BL1840:196399-0
Lithium Battery-ion 18 V 5.0 Ah BL1850:196672-8