MAKITA DBN500RFE-Nailer 18 V lithium 3.0ah 1.6mm

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Manufacturer reference: DBN500RFE

Special Features

  • Nueva nailer a battery, the air generated by the piston powered by the DC motor, is the pushing Ajuga for meter the nail, no need gas.
  • LED Light for enlighten the working area in zones low brightness.
  • Retail reaction than free air Nailers.
  • Higher durability than the competition models
  • Easy view nose, wherein by leaves the nail.
  • Technology Makstar, lithium-ion battery.
  • Switch Tilting for select the mode from tripping (Unico or sequential
  • Handle antiskid, GRIP comfortable with greater control, reducing fatigue and grief in the hand.
  • More working quantity, up 1.000 cloves by loaded with battery BL1830
  • The base in plastic protector to protect the Piece working front a scratch removal.

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Features Techniques

  • Tension Battery 18 V
  • Amperage Battery 3.0 Ah
  • Battery type Lithium-ion
  • Nail diameter 1,2mm
  • Length free nail 15-50mm
  • Number staples or cloves by charging battery pack 1.000 PCs
  • Capacity loaded 110 PCs
  • That with BL1830 battery 3,5Kg
  • Dimensions. LxAnxAl 294x97x318mm
  • Time loaded 22 min
  • Lighting intergrated
  • Emitting vibración2, 50 m/seg²
  • Uncertainty (K) vibration 1,50 m/seg²
  • Sound pressure 79,00 dB (A)
  • Uncertainty (K) sound 3,00 dB (A)

Equipo basic

  • Briefcase PVC.
  • Lithium Battery-ion 18 V 3.0Ah BL1830 193533-3 (2x)
  • Safety Glasses 195246-2
  • Chargeur fast 18 V DC18RC Lithium-ion 195584-2

Accessories optional

  • 1,2mm x 20mm P-45923 Nail
  • 1,2mm x 25mm P-45939 Nail
  • 1,2mm x 30mm P-45945 Nail
  • 1,2mm x 40mm P-45951 Nail
  • 1,2mm x 50mm P-45967 Nail