MAKITA CS246.4C-Multifunction a gasoline Brush Cutter 25.4cc with anti-vibration and pump priming

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Manufacturer reference: CS246.4C

Special Features

  • 5 in 1 Tools
  • Motor debrozadora multifunction, can be used in different jobs simply changing the fixture.
  • Powerful Motor 4 T with low emission gases, a friend medium setting.
  • Posted free lubrication system (360 °) allows you use the engine in any position.
  • Fit for the vertical jobs.
  • We Can choose from 5 different accessories: brushcutter's thread, edging blade bar's curve, saw, hedge and cultivator.
  • Easy and easy change the accessories thanks al quick hitch's system.
  • Handle closed for greater comfort and control in the jobs from high altitude.
  • Storage and carry very convenient as it broke up the motor fixture.
  • Thanks you's piston pin hitch the insert the accessories is fast and single. The hitch is using clip.
  • I Send unified with BUTTON stop.
  • Low fuel consumption.
  • Low level ratio noise and vibration, more comfortable for the user.



Features Techniques

  • Displacement 25.4 C. c
  • Power 0,77/1,1 KW/HP
  • Motor 4 T
  • Fuel tank 0,6 L
  • Oil tank 0,08 L
  • R. P. m 10.000 Rpm
  • Thread 10x1.25
  • Weight 4,6Kg
  • Handle Type D
  • Anti-vibration If
  • Nylon threads in the headstock 2
  • Priming pump If