MAKITA BTM50RFEX1-Multitool battery 18v lithium-ion 3.0 ah 2 kg 6000-20000 opm with lighting

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Manufacturer's reference: BTM50RFEX1


  • Precision in the work of finish.
  • Thanks to its large variety of accessories we will get the solution for multitude of applications.
  • The swing head offers the possibility of all kinds of cuts great precision, as well as sanding on materials more delicate.
  • The narrow body tool offers comfortable and secure grip for the user. Ø 185mm
  • Variable speed through dial to set the number of oscillations to work to be performed.
  • In the work of sanding we have the option of placing an outlet suction to connect to vacuum cleaner.
  • Battery BL1830 18V 3.0Ah and charger DC18RA with quick charge 22 min.
  • Light on the front to illuminate the work point in areas of poor visibility.
  • System antirestart, the machine does not work if we connect battery with switch on the on position.
  • Can be used with lithium batteries 1.3Ah.
  • Capacity indicator light low battery. The light flashes when battery is low.
  • Accessories compatible with the Universal system OIS.
  • 12 angles positioning accessories every 30 ° from 0 ° up to 360 °.
  • Soft starting prevents pulls making more comfortable wearing for the user.


Instruction handbook



Technical characteristics

  • Weight with battery BL1815 1,8Kg
  • Weight with battery BL1830 2.0Kg
  • Battery voltage 18 V
  • Amperage battery 3.0 Ah
  • Battery Type li-ion
  • Engine 2 pole
  • Oscillations per min. 6.000 - 20.000 opm
  • Oscillation angle 1,6 (3.2mm outright) mm
  • Dimensions. LxWxH 324x80x126mm
  • Charging time 22 min
  • Soft start If
  • Anti-restart If
  • Variable speed (dial) If
  • Integrated lighting If

Basic equipment

  • Set aspiration. Briefcase pvc.
  • Lithium battery 18V 3.0Ah 193533-3 (2x)
  • Charger MakStar 18V Lithium-ion 195584-2
  • Adapter 313248-8
  • Cutting blade segmented B-21325
  • Blade immersion B-21353
  • Dish sandpaper B-21537