MAKITA 2712-saw Table 315mm 2.000 W

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Manufacturer reference: 2712

To the daily work
Special Features:

  • Table saw with capacity cutting 85mm.
  • Virtually no need Nance.
  • Two women topsy include wheels. Further comes equipped with two custom handles for facilitating the transport.
  • Table extendable in the rear area that provides wholesale perimeter support for. Ideal for long cut longitudinal. (Can be place in any the side).
  • Induction motor. Reduces the ratio noise and accurate under Nance.
  • Table ideal for jobs in site building. Perfect for encofradores.
  • Table surface Steel manufactured from high quality, what lengthen the lifespan from the tool.
  • Possibility to cut bezel ring from 0 ° to 45 °
  • Can be connected to a vacuum cleaner for greater cleaners from the working area.
  • Posibility place the straight Guide in various positions.

Features Techniques:

  • Power:2.000 W
  • R. p.m.:2.950 Rpm
  • Outer Diameter disc:315mm
  • Inner diameter disc:30,0mm
  • Maximum capacity 90 (rectangle):85mm
  • Cutting capacity 45:58mm
  • Weight:52,9 kg
  • Length cable:3,0 m
  • Dimensions LxAnxAl:700x1.670x810mm
  • Connectable to a vacuum cleaner
  • Tilt angle cutting left/right:45-0 °
  • Emitting vibration:4,30 m/sec ^ 2
  • Uncertainty (K) sound:4,00 dB (A)
  • Sound pressure:93,00 DB
  • Sound power:105,00 dB (A)



Basic manual:


Equipo basic:
Stick push 416772-1
Disc HM 315-30/40D JM2717001