JUNXING 30lbs-50lbs American Hunting Bow 56inch Recurve Bow Archery Longbow FPS170-190 Recurve Bow For Outer Sports

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Item number: F179

Performance:  Environmental Outdoor Archery Shooting Game

Applicable Crow: Adults American hunting bow 
Bow length:56"
Bow weight:2.5lbs
Draw weight:30-50lbs (30lbs,35lbs,40lbs,45lbs,50lbs)
Draw length:28"
Riser length:17"
Riser weight:1.4lbs
Brace height:7.5"-8"
The bow riser are made of aluminum alloy  
The bow limbs are made of high strength compressed mixed material, with lots of glass fibers and resins by high-temperature hot extrusion molded.
NOTE: For the single Black/Green/Purple Bow, we are selling them WITHOUT ACCESSORIES. So if you need the bow with accessories, please order the bow and accessory separately, please note!!