30-50Ibs Powerful Recurve Bow And Arrows Archery Bow With Double Arrow Rest For Left And Right Hands Outdoor Hunting Shooting

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>>> >Item Description <<<<

Item Brand: CDRIC Item Name: Double Arrow Rest Recurve Bow Item Color: Black Item Weight:1kg(After package) Bow Limbs Material: Epoxy resin Bow Riser Material: High quality Resin Bow Length: About 57inches Bow Riser Length: About 30inches Bow String Length :132cm Draw Weight: 30/40 lbs Package Size:61*7*8.3cm Handle: left and right hand Arrow Spine:500 Arrow Shaft Material:fiberglass Arrow Length:31.5inches(80cm) OD Diameter:About 8 mm Inner Diameter:About 6 mm Feather Material:Plastic Arrow head Material:Steel Usage: Outdoor Hunting Shooting, Outdoor Shooting Games

>>> >Item Features<<<<

1. Common for left and right hands: there are arrow rest tables on both sides, regardless of left and right hands, to adapt to different use habits; 2.Bow Riser:The bow riser is made of solid high quality Resin; 3. Bow Limbs: The bow limbs are made of high strength compressed mixed material, with lots of glass fibers and resins by high-temperature hot extrusion molded.high elasticity, high kinetic energy, fast arrow speed; 4. Bowstring: high strength bowstring, better modern technology quality; 5. Speed: the arrow speed is 50% faster than the bow of the same number of pounds; 6. Pounds: 30-50ibs more options; 7. Range: up to 200 yards; 8. Major: professional bow, can participate in professional shooting competition.

>>> >Packaging List<<<<

Riser * 1 Limb *2 BowString * 1 Spanner * 1 set

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