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Manufacturer reference: UB0801

Special Features

  • Blower with 1.650 W power.
  • Can be use it as vacuum cleaner using the suction kit (optional). *
  • Manufactured in aluminum Fan with Coulter's Mincer sheets.
  • Double hilt for a subject more commode both blowing as aspirating.
  • System for fasten the extension cable into the side back to prevent the break cable and trippings accidental.
  • Posted SECURITY SYSTEM: to blow it is necessary that the tuyere is connected to the air and that the gate's sortie de acces the turbine is closed.
  • Posted SECURITY SYSTEM: for aspire must be connected both the suction tube as the coupling the bag collection.




Features techniques

  • Power 1.650 W
  • R. P. m low 9.000 Rpm
  • R. P. m high 17.000 Rpm
  • Volume's air high 7,1 m³/min
  • Free air Speed high 83 m/sec
  • Speed free air low 42 m/sec
  • Weight 3,2Kg
  • Dimensions. LxAnxAl 810x220x300mm
  • Suction Function If