MAKITA TM3010CX6-Multitool 320 W with rapid change fashion accessories

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Manufacturer reference: TM3010CX6

Special Features

  • Same characteristics than the model TM3000C But with toggle fast for the change the sheets.
  • Simply pulling toggle is released the vise. To it it closes the toggle easily.
  • Thanks to its large variety of accessories obtendremos solution for crowd apps.
  • The motion Oscillating the headstock provides the realization of all type cut great accuracy, well as sanded in the most delicate material.
  • The body close from the tool provides a comfortable and GRIP insurance for the user. DIA 195mm
  • Variable Speed using dial for adjusting the number's swings outdoor work to perform.
  • In the jobs from SANDING we have the suction colocarle option a jack for connecting to a vacuum cleaner.
  • Depending the fixture selected podremos perform great variety of jobs as:
  • Cut off wood, metal, plastics, tabiquería dry, tiling, etc…
  • Perform cajeados, cleaners gasket, sanded in wood, metal, plastics, etc…



Features Techniques

  • Power 320 W
  • Swings By MIN. 6.000-20.000 OPM
  • Swing angle 3,2mm
  • Weight 1,6Kg
  • Length cable 5,0 m
  • Dimensions. LxAnxAl 285x68x87mm
  • Arranque soft Si
  • Constant Electronics If
  • Speed variable (Dial) If

Equipo de current basic

  • Set suction plug adapter. Adapter. Briefcase PVC.
  • Blade cutting segmented B-21325
  • Immersion's Blade B-21353
  • Grit sanding plate B-21537