MAKITA SKR200Z-rotary laser Level 200 m with detector Class II IP54 1.6 kg

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Manufacturer reference: SKR200Z

Special Features

  • The most complete outfit.
  • Laser level rotary self leveling. Design design more robust and Mu easy handle.
  • Top Protection that avoids damage in the headstock Rotary, ensuring well a longer lasting the laser.
  • Panel knob very easy use with 3 GAUGES led notice.
  • Dimmable in 3 rotation Function velocities and Function scan with 3 different distances.
  • Can be used the level in manual function, which allows performing nivelaciones in pending.
  • Function alert. When the conectamos will light flashing a red LED, if the level moves automatically disconnects.
  • Line detector and remote control in basic outfit, perfect for measurements long haul.
  • Soporte de wall and Magnetic card for laying false ceiling.
  • Function de plumb up a maximum 30 m.

Features Techniques

  • Ango with detector 200 m
  • Measurement Tolerance (a 10 m) ± 1mm
  • Laser class II
  • Laser type 635 nm
  • Protection class IP54
  • R. P. M 0-300/450/600 Rpm
  • Weight 1,6Kg
  • Batteries Type AA 1,5 V (2x)
  • Dimensions. LxAnxAl 156x154x197mm
  • Lasting the batteries 60 hours
  • Self Leveling If
  • Thread for tripod stand If

Equipo Basic

  • Glasses for laser LE00775111
  • Soporte de receiver for SKR200Z LE00784968
  • Tarjeta Magnetic LE00785638
  • Soporte de wall SKR200Z LE00791661
  • Receiver LR150 LE00796587
  • Remote control for SKR200Z LE00796588

Accessories optional

  • Label scale from aluminum 5 m P-46420
  • Aluminum's Tripod P-81088
  • Label scale from aluminum 4 m P-81309