MAKITA PF1110-Submersible pump 1100 W waters messy stainless steel

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Manufacturer reference: PF1110

Special Features

  • Submersible pump with rigid body stainless steel, necessary when we need a high performance. Proffesional with a high performance, make these products ideal for emptying large pools and water depots.
  • PROFESSIONAL Submersible pump for water messy or very messy, with Max. Particle diameter 35mm. Ideal for large barrells emptied, pools large size…
  • Stainless steel pump body.
  • Double board with oil engine that ensures a long life span.
  • Automatic Switch level. Can be adjusted to make you power up or shut down depending the water level.
  • Comfortable carry thanks to your commode top handle for a perfect GRIP.
  • Vortex: electropump submersible transportable, for water fats with parts in suspension. Also can be used as emergency pump in case from floods wherein the water is loaded mud, thanks to the wide openings the spark screen suction.

Features Techniques

  • Power 1.100 W
  • Max. water volume 250 L/min
  • Max size grained 35mm
  • Max depth immersion 5 m
  • Temperature Max. 35 °
  • Weight 5,9Kg
  • Length cable 10 m
  • Height Max pumping 10 m

Equipo basic

  • Mouthpiece connection