MAKITA KP0810-scrub brush 850 W 16000 rpm 3.3 kg width 82mm cut 0-4mm

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Manufacturer reference: KP0810

Special Features

  • Posted with hilt antiskid design, more comfortable and easy to handle.
  • Low ratio noise level and with chance log 1 bag or vacuum cleaner.
  • Foot support for in the rear base brush, avoids being dañen the cutter blades, well as the Piece working.
  • Base with groove "V" for achafl Anar chants.
  • A flawless finish with 16.000 R.P.M. and two cutter blades, getting 32.000
  • Case side in die cast aluminum for a greater Stabil the Bearings.
  • Posibility vary the sense the good chip removal
  • Regulating the high altitude cutting through knob striker, only with a twist retail 180 °.


Features Techniques

  • Power 850 W
  • R. P. m 16.000 Rpm
  • Brushed width 82mm
  • Max Depth. Cutting 4,0mm
  • Max Depth. De galce 25mm
  • Weight 3,3Kg
  • Length cable 2,5 m
  • Dimensions. LxAnxAl 290x168x176mm
  • Connectable to a vacuum cleaner If
  • Slot Yes

Equipo Basic

  • Guide parallel 122785-9
  • Gauge's cutter blades 82mm 123062-2
  • Pipe wrench ring 9mm 782209-3
  • Minicuchillas HM 82mm D-07945

Accessories optional

  • Master sharpening 82mm 123004-6
  • Guide for achaflanar 122791-4
  • Stock Exchange's dust with plug adapter 122793-0