MAKITA HM1812-breaker hammer demolisher insercion hexagonal AVT 2000 W 32.3 kg

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Manufacturer reference: HM1812

Special Features

  • Posted Demolition Hammer 30Kg, special Breaks flooring.
  • Can be used with plug adapter for dust removal.
  • Anti-vibration System: AVT, Case anti shake, 4 Springs and idle mode, ago have a minimum vibration 6,5 m/s2.
  • The body divided into two parts reduced when maximum vibrations that arrive user. Seperate area S Pnuematic GRIP from the area.
  • Bright Indicators that avisan wear brushes or possible interrupt stream.
  • The wire position's secluded hammer and with a small rib for enancharle.
  • ASA Recessed, to lift the machine in vertical, (without making a great effort) for the transport, on both sides.


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Features Techniques

  • Power 2.000 W
  • Knocking by minute 870 GPM
  • 28.6 hex Insert
  • Weight 31,3Kg
  • Length cable 5,0 m
  • Dimensions. LxAnxAl 843x210x508mm
  • Arranque soft
  • Positions prefijadas chiselled's 6 positions
  • Emitting vibration 6,50 m/seg²
  • Uncertainty (K) vibration 1,50 m/seg²
  • Sound pressure 96,00 dB (A)
  • Sound power 107,00 dB (A)
  • Uncertainty (K) sound 3,00 dB (A)

Equipo basic

  • Allen wrench 5mm 783203-8
  • Pointer autoafilable hex. 28.6mm B-10372

Accessories optional

  • COLLECTOR powedered 'S FOR HM1812 197168-2
  • Rammer hex. 28.6mm 798385-3
  • Pointer hex. 28.6mm with ring D-17631
  • Pointer hex. 28.6mm with ring D-17631
  • Chisel hex. 28.6mm D-17647
  • Spatula hex. 28.6mm D-29228
  • Truck transport D-54972
  • Tipping bucket hex. 28.6mmP-05717