MAKITA HM1400-breaker hammer demolisher insercion hexagonal 1240 W 18.1 kg

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Manufacturer reference: HM1400

Special Features

  • Posted Demolition Hammer series 15Kg recommended for I use. Very comfortable to carry thanks al new model briefcase with wheels.
  • Anti-vibration System "AVT" which reduces vibrations virtually half over the previous models
  • Speed variable by Dial for adjust the percussion in the jobs more delicate. Luces indicator fault and change brushes.
  • Reduces the revs in emptiness by lessening the vibration. Greater accuracy in the beginning the demolition.
  • Brushes large size which increase the times Nance.
  • Electronics constant that no low revs when over loaded.
  • Elastomer in the hilt for greater comfort. Handle perfect for to work with both hands and switch fixed.
  • Insert simplified, doing well plus single your repair.
  • Switch position Fixed for greater comfort, no that pressing neither ngún trigger neither bloquearlo.
  • Insert 28,6mm with chance use accessories with washer.


Features Techniques

  • Power 1.240 W
  • Knocking by minute 1200 GPM
  • Insert 30mm hex
  • Weight 18,1Kg
  • Length cable 5,0 m
  • Dimensions. LxAnxAl 613x510x223mm
  • Positions prefijadas cincelado6's positions

Equipo basic

  • Allen wrench 6mm 783204-6
  • Pointer hex. 29mm D-15285

Accessories optional

  • MAINTENANCE KIT HM1400 193399-1
  • Cloth's cleaners 443122-7