MAKITA HG551VK-Decapadora's hot air 1800 W 250-550 L/min 100-550 C temp with briefs

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Manufacturer reference: HG551VK

Special Features

  • Ideal for removing layers paint or varnish, thaw metal tubes, shape plastics, etc.
  • Can be different mouthpieces depending the work place to perform.
  • Handle centered for an optimal distribution weight, being more easy your operation.
  • Very insurance, thanks to the hilt antiskid.
  • Soporte de support for for parking machine no hazard from roll over.
  • The most basic range, we can control the speed and temperature with two different positions on the switch.


Features Techniques

  • Power 1.800 W
  • Temperature Max. 100/550 °
  • Volume's Air 250-500 L/min
  • Weight 0,6Kg
  • Length cable 2,0 m
  • Dimensions. LxAnxAl 240x80x200mm
  • Speed variable (Dial) If

Equipo Basic

  • Briefcase PVC HG130442
  • Mouthpiece P-71417 glass protective
  • Mouthpiece decapadora P-71423
  • Mouthpiece reflector P-71445

Accessories optional

  • Mouthpiece P-71417 glass protective
  • Roller P-71504
  • Set rapsador P-71554