MAKITA FS2500-Screwdriver with buffer depth 570 W 2500 rpm 1.5 kg

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Manufacturer reference: FS2500

Special Features

  • Ergonomically designed for minimizing the fatigue the hand, even in long working days working, provides the maximum power thrust into line with the tip.
  • Reversible Switch with a single hand and BUTTON lock-on for jobs continued.
  • With hilt antiskid, provides more control and comfort from the tool.
  • Spot light built in that Lights pressing the switch before turning the engine.
  • Hook reinforced sheet wrapped in plastic, longer lasting and more secure.
  • Case metal in the area the gears that dispels best the hot and gives greater durability to the tool.
  • Buffer depth prepared screw from panhead
  • Silent Clutch
  • One piece's depth buffer, Adjustable a screw thread, and easily removable for jobs watched, with rubber stop in the toe to prevent orguras in the prolongator.
  • Output air controlled, to prevent nuisance al Operario over foremost when this fence I use wherein there is dirt.
  • Posibility fasten the buffer depth temporarily, convenient in stock unscrewing.
  • Agreement on the procedure EPTA weight 01/2003



Features Techniques

  • Power 570 W
  • R. P. M 0-2.500 Rpm
  • Capacity Max vise autotaladrante 6mm
  • Capacity Max vise Drywall 5mm
  • Weight 1,5Kg
  • Length Cable 4 m
  • Dimensions. LxAnxAl 290x70x192mm
  • Speed variable (switch) If
  • Insert 1/4 hex.
  • Lighting intergrated If
  • Handle antiskid If
  • Width for the belt If
  • Depth adjustment by buffer If

Equipo Basic

  • Buffer depth 450968-4
  • Close 450881-6
  • Magnetic Socket wrench 10mm x 65mm 784806-1
  • Briefcase PVC 824698-7

Accessories optional

  • Buffer depth 450963-4
  • Buffer depth 450967-6