MAKITA EA3200S35B-Chainsaw a gasoline 32cc 35 cm

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Manufacturer reference: EA3200S35B

Special Features

  • Sump in aluminum for resist largar days working.
  • Exhaust with catalyst for reduce gas emissions premitido optimal level.
  • Freno de machine mounted in the body chain.
  • High torque motor and sturdy structure designed for tough jobs.
  • Unified I Send stop and starter.
  • Tensioner chain side located in the cap and pump priming.
  • Easy Nance so just dropping a vise, rose up top, accedemos al filter, carburetor & Bougie.
  • Easy starter system: thanks to a 2 ° dock placed in the snatch block and the improvements in the lit, get a starter soft and fast.
  • Pump Grease metal dimmable. Sump engine in aluminum: high strength in jobs hard.
  • Estárter powered = acceleration half, when touching the throttle is idle and knob knob automatically returned to the position working; (estárter Open), the engine is turned off when lowering your knob no need back to rearmarle.
  • Damping system using springs from Steel resistant oil and gasoline.
  • External Pinion, for a change easier the chain well as a deeper cleaners.
  • Filtro de easy acces for its cleaners or replacing.
  • Resistant metal fingernail that improves GRIP al trunk during cutting.


Features Techniques

  • Displacement 32 C. c
  • Motor 2 T
  • Pitch chain 3/8 ""
  • Length cut 35 cm
  • Oil tank 0,28 L
  • Fuel tank 0,40 L
  • Weight 4,1Kg
  • Anti-vibration If
  • Automatic Lubrication chain If
  • Star's scan bar If
  • Priming pump If

Equipo Basic

  • Kit toolset.
  • Chain 3/8 "91VG 35 cm 511492752
  • Buffer depth 324219-0
  • COVER PROTECTIVE 40 CM 952100633
  • Guide's chain 35 cm 3/8 ", 050" 958035661