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Manufacturer reference: DUC122RTE

Special Features

  • High speed cutting, with higher power and working capacity.
  • Tensioner chain side, no additional tools for a stretched more fast and comfortable fashion chain
  • Automatic Oiling the chain, with reservoir prepared for withstanding the work carried out with a loaded
  • Ergonomic, with the hilt antiskid closer sword for a best application strength
  • Electrics Freno stops the chain in so only 0,5Seg
  • Practical hook to hang the tool and power have the two handsfree outdoor climb a tree
  • Posibility colocarle one bar expander up 4 m
  • Change the chain and stretched from the same, no need use extra tools
  • Button Safety's to prevent a start up accidental
  • Stopper striker, for Whittle branches small quickly and single
  • Battery lithium-Ion Battery, with technology's loaded MakStar
  • Safe Operation, with striker from the hand protector