MAKITA 3707FC-Milling Machine edge banding featuring light 500 W 26000 rpm Collet 6mm 1.3 kg

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Manufacturer reference: 3707FC

Special Features

  • With light, to enlighten the working point, removing well women shades and promoting visibility
  • Ignition switch and slaking, both for the light as for engine
  • Ideal for Tuck pointing chants in foremost type timbers
  • Posted type base, with system for setting the high altitude cutting with posiblidad de bloquearla
  • Design Design Ergonomic, with one engine Case plus THIN and long, for a best and most comfortable handling
  • Transparent Base, for having a wide view over the Piece working
  • Mail Control the speed, which maintains constant the revs bass loaded


Features Techniques

  • Power 500 W
  • R. P. m 26.000 Rpm
  • Clamp diameter 6mm
  • Max. depth from milling 35mm
  • Weight 1,3Kg
  • Length cable 2,5 m
  • Dimensions. LxAnxAl 267x86x267mm
  • Arranque soft Si
  • Constant Electronics If
  • Lighting intergrated If

Equipo Basic

  • Guide parallel 122391-0
  • Straight Base 122655-2
  • Fairlead cutout 122703-7
  • Guide's insole 343577-5
  • Tightening nut 763606-2
  • Cap tapered bore 6mm 763607-0
  • Wrench 781003-0
  • Wrench 781008-0
  • Strawberry straight one edged D-09167