MAKITA PF0300-Submersible pump 300 W clean waters high altitude Maxima pumping 7 meters

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Manufacturer reference: PF0300

Special Features

  • Pumps Submersible with plastic body. To waters slightly messy.
  • Submersible pump for water slightly messy, with Max. Particle diameter 5mm. Ideal for emptying depots and pools.
  • Rigid plastic pump body.
  • Double board with oil engine that ensures a long life span.
  • Automatic Switch level. Can be adjusted to make you power up or shut down depending the water level.
  • Comfortable carry thanks to your commode top handle for a perfect GRIP.


Features Techniques

  • Power 300 W
  • Max. water volume 140 L/min
  • Max size grained 5mm
  • Max depth immersion 5 m
  • Temperature Max. 35 °
  • Weight 3,3Kg
  • Length cable 10 m
  • Height Max pumping 7 m

Equipo basic

  • Mouthpiece connection