MAKITA GD0811C-straight grinder 750 W 1.800-7.000 rpm toggle

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Manufacturer reference: GD0811C

Toggle switch type man Dead

Features Techniques:

  • Power:750 W
  • R. p.m.:1.800-7.000 Rpm
  • Clamp diameter:6-8mm
  • Disc Diameter (Max):25mm
  • Weight:2,0Kg
  • Length cable:2,5 m
  • Dimensions L X An x Al:390x75x88mm
  • Arranque soft
  • Constant Electronics
  • Speed variable (Dial)

Special Features:

  • Models based on our Grinders straight GD0800C and GD0810C.
  • Low Rpm for useful large size.
  • Capacity clamp length 8mm pudiendo place also from 3mm and 6mm.
  • Variable Speed using dial for adjust speed reducer al work to perform.
  • Original Makita Super Joint System Sistem (SJS), it prevent from possible damage on the engine's accidental locks by axis.
  • Head manufactured in aluminum.
  • Control the speed mail that keeps constant the revs bass loaded.
  • Soft arranque para a best control in the ops roughing.
  • Large toggle light switch type man Dead, the user always have that have the hand in your position, since no can be locked.
  • Handle side for a greater control the tool and to prevent possible burns by touching the headstock.



Equipo basic:

  • Handle comprehensive: 153503-4
  • Nut tightening: 763645-2
  • Cap tapered bore 6mm: 763646-0
  • Key 13mm: 781203-2
  • Wrench ring 19mm: 781206-6

Accessories optional:

  • Cap conical with nut 8mm: 192988-9
  • Cap conical with sleeve nut 3mm: 193011-3
  • Cap conical with sleeve nut 6,35mm: 193143-6