MAKITA GA5040C-Miniamoladora 125mm 1400 W 2800-11000 rpm

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Manufacturer reference: GA5040C

Special Features

  • Nueva range mini Grinders. Comfort for the user, since reducimos considerably the vibrations it receives.
  • Posted the gears and headstock design that make more durable.
  • Body close very Ergonomic for a GRIP plus insurance and comfortable for the user.
  • The new dock absorbs vibrations and relieves the blow when it hooks the disc.
  • The lasting the brushes increases a 40%.
  • Button's blockade more robust.
  • Arranque soft to prevent high voltage spikes in arranque and Safety by user. Speed variable for adjust the Rpm to material necessities worked.
  • Limiter stream that interrupts the step from stream when there is overload and well protect the motor.


Features Techniques

  • Power 1.400 W
  • R. P. m 2.800-11.000 Rpm
  • Disc Diameter (max.) 125mm
  • Insert M14
  • Weight 2,5Kg
  • Length Cable 4 m
  • Dimensions. LxAnxAl 303x130x116mm
  • Speed variable (Dial) If
  • Arranque soft Si
  • Constant Electronics If
  • System anti-restart If
  • Axis Lock Yes
  • SJS System If

Equipo basic

  • Protector disc 115mm 122886-3
  • Handle rigid 153489-2
  • Wrench ring pin 782423-1
  • Desbarbe 125mm x 6.0mm disc A-80640